Brand Inspired Selfies

Take control of your clients’ selfies with PhotoBoxi, the cutting-edge of modern photo-booths. With a branded photo-booth and pictures to match, PhotoBoxi not only allows guests to capture and share their photos, but it also enables you to capture and track data—streamlining your event’s social media efforts.

•  Self-Serve Operation
•  Intuitive Touchscreen Interface
•  Branded Photo Formats and Color


Photoboxi’s intuitive, self-serve interface allows users to effortlessly navigate through formatting options such as framing effects and filters. Interactive previews help users pick the options they want before photo capture.


Once users select their filter and take their photo, they are prompted to enter an email address. PhotoBoxi offers shortcut keys like completing email domains to accelerate and simplify the email entry process.

Photo Share

After email submission, users instantly receive a branded email with a URL to the photo. After opening the mobile-friendly link, the photo is displayed with options to share the photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.



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